Lea is Me Love Education Fund
To Help Improve Education In Mainland China
Encouraging selfless dedication
With encouraging selfless dedication among different sectors of the community as the mission, the Fundmakes donations through the "U-Hearts" (Hong Kong registered charity: Tax File Number IR NO: 91/7836) to help improve education in Mainland China and lives of those in need in the local community.

Lea is Me, spokescartoon of the Fund, is just an ordinary inconspicuous person living in the grasslands. She leads a self-sufficient and self-reliant life with the faith in "to be yourself". She believes that everyone can fully engage in a variety of meaningful things as long as they have faith in themselves.
Community Services
Subsidize school reconstruction projects in remote areas in China to provide students with a more a ppropriate learning environment.
Support poor students so that they can continue their studies and contribute to society in the future.
Provide other teaching equipment or teaching software to create a more equitable learning condition.
Successfully rebuilt a primary school in Yunnan servicing 400 students.
Unscheduled visits to students and familes in Lincang Shuangjiang County, Guangdong Huaiji County, Yihuang County, Jiangxi Province and poor areas in Guangxi.
Set up 3 libraries at 3 Yunnan primary schools.
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